Here at Exclusive Companion Report our Community Safety is Paramount. We Reserve the Right to Decline Membership to Anyone Who May Pose a Potential Threat to Our Community.


Exclusive Companion Report is the first step and portal to our Exclusive Model Concierge and Lifestyle Management Consultant Service. We are dedicated to providing our clients and models with the highest level of service, we understand that an experience could be worth far more than any service. Members of the Exclusive Companion Report can enjoy the freedom of knowing that all members are thoroughly screened and authenticated, allowing them to enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

If you offer a luxury service and would like it showcased in front of an elite client base then join the Exclusive Companion Report. One cannot gain access by merely attempting to pay us. It is not that simple. Screening is Mandatory.  Without the ability to be screened we can not grant you access. We aim to protect those needing help, no matter who they may be. We cannot achieve our goals alone. Find out how you can help.

We believe in quality over quantity and our consistency keeps our sponsors loyal.

We invite you to apply for ECR membership and experience a world and a community like no other.




Find out about our organizations, missions, our methods, and the results of our advocacy. We are determined to creating a culture and community that encourages the sharing of ideas and value.



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