Is Screening and Verification Really Necessary?

Recently I came across an adult advertisement site that told prospective clients who were searching for escorts to not screen or pay ladies for hire a deposit. Reading this monstrosity of a site angered me so deeply as it could be read as highly offensive to those looking to keep themselves safe in this current day atmosphere. Being completely honest and transparent about the adult entertainment and dating industry, more and more reputable sites are making it mandatory to pass screening before allowing you to become a member. If you’re not already aware that since coming onto the scene, many dating sites such as Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and others have already suffered at the hands of members who have raped, robbed, and even killed other members on the site. We already know sites that are now closed such as Craigslist and Backpage have been shut down due to the same horrific incidents and more.

So as a prospective client searching for that perfect lifestyle service provider, why are you still hesitant on screening and verifying? It’s not that you haven’t been warned to make sure that you do your due diligence in researching anyone that you plan on spending quality time with, spending money on or simply just allowing into your space. Excuses range from “I’m afraid to get blackmailed” to “I just don’t want my information out there”. Ok, so these are just (2) small but important examples of why some refuse to give pertinent information to a lifestyle service provider. Oh, so as you are not lost on the what exactly a Lifestyle Service Provider is, please read Tuesday’s Blog for a better understanding.

I’m afraid to get blackmailed? Ok, you have been watching way too many movies and obviously that excuse is really irrelevant. I’m not saying that it doesn’t happen, as we have recently been privy to the incident between the President and Stormy Daniels, or here recently the latest scam between Jeff Bezos and the Inquirer. Ok, so one is the President and the other is the richest man in the nation. And this affects you how? One clearly broke legal links where an Non-Disclosure Agreement was present and the other clearly was more political in nature and the information was given out, not by the girlfriend but by her brother. My point is, these are isolated incidents and not often does this happen.

So we are all on the same page about screening and verification, please realize that these two are not synonymous of one another. To make it perfectly clear what the difference is between the two: Verification or Verifying the identity of a client means actually looking at “Original Identifying Documents” to ensure that clients are who they say they are. So that we don’t get this confused with screening and that it is reasonably acceptable that screening is “basic” and that it is possible to screen without verification. Screening is the evaluation or investigation of the client as to simply assessing suitability of a potential fit ….. or not. Ok, so let’s break “screening” down a little more so you get a clear picture of what and how it works. From the time you communicate with the lifestyle service provider, they are potentially screening you. When you send “references” and the provider is reading those references, whether good or bad the provider who received the references has already began screening you based on the information that is relayed to them. They are simply processing this information and assessing #1 - are you safe #2 - is this person going to be a suitable fit to spend time with. Your reference may read that you are engage in an activity that the receiving service provider doesn’t engage in and won’t engage in, but it’s something that you absolutely are interested in. The lifestyle service provider will then assess that you are not a good fit, although you are safe. And thus you did not pass their screening. It is very possible to fail screening and pass verification and visa versa. Individuals who give fictitious information may indeed pass screening, but fail the verification process. However, it is very unlikely that someone will pass screening and verification and be a “fake” person. It can happen, but its very unlikely, thus lessening the chances of a encountering a dangerous person who is intentionally setting out to do harm to someone.

Now, let’s talk about what it means for your information to be out there. I think for a lot of us, having our information out there is creepy. But if you have a credit card, have ever stayed in a hotel, bank or even medical records in any hospital or doctors office, believe me your information is already out there and believe me chances are you’re information has already been compromised or hacked. Just because it hasn’t met with media attention, doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Now let’s dive a little deeper into the “boogie down real”. How often have you heard from a lifestyle service provider that their information has been “hacked” or compromised? Never right? Exactly! That’s the point I’m making. Reputable Lifestyle Service Providers are brilliant at protecting information and are protective of their clients personal information. In fact, they will actively research anyone who is requesting a reference regarding their clients information. This is more than most businesses will do if someone calls inquiring regarding that same information.

With a lot less methods and sites to check dangerous individuals, more and more are becoming aware of how very important both screening and verification are, including prospective clients. Would you pick up the phone and call an individual and simply invite them into your home without knowing anything more than their phone number for identification purposes? I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t want to be that vulnerable when their is not a need to be. Also consider who is asking for your information. Are they reputable? Do they have a presence online or on social media? What is your level of Service Providers as opposed to your lifestyle? We can not, not discuss the obvious just because it may hurt someone’s feelings.

Screening and Verification are really necessary when you have decided to spend time with someone. Being part of a screening and verification site doesn’t always ensure that a service provider won’t ask you for their own screening and verification though, but what it means is that they care enough about themselves to check on who they are giving their time to. We have now come to realize that not all sites screen and verify. Some only screen, while others only verify. Others say they do both, but unfortunately when a heinous crime is committed against members on the site, there are no records all of a sudden and the attackers are left to continue on as active members as though nothing ever happened, even when records and evidence are presented. Thus leaving the victims feeling hurt, embarrassed, shamed and alone.

Clients who truly want nothing more than to enjoy time with their Lifestyle Service Providers will never hesitate in doing what it takes to arrange a meeting. They have researched their choices and feel good about the decisions they have made.